Overall I’m loving 3Dhubs. Except when I click the “student checkout” link and it cycles back round to the exact same page, making student discounts impossible.

Then there’s the fact that I’ve used a Hub before and want to use it again but can’t! There’s no easy search for them and I can’t choose them from their hub page. These seem like issues that need sorting ASAP!

I agree that the search feature is not the best. You can submit feedback to the 3D Hubs team here: https://3dhubs.uservoice.com/forums/212175-3d-hubs-forum They are usually really good at responding.

Do you need something printed?

Thanks, I’ll submit some! And yeah, I have a pretty big order (parts for my own design 3D foldable printer) to print on a student budget and there’s a hub I used a while back who had good service and great prices, been scouring the options to select him again but haven’t managed!

Sounds really cool!

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Would be if I could get these parts printed, hahah!

Hubs have to be requested to be added to the student discount program since they also get paid less. A hub in the program will have a student discount badge.

You could also ask that hub if they would join the program.


I can’t even find the hub I’m looking for in the normal checkout.

Hi @Mirth!

Thanks for your question, it’s possible that the Hub you previously printed with is (momentarily) offline which would cause the Hub not to show up in the search results. Setting a Hub as a ‘Favorite’ is definitely something that we’re looking at but as you can possibly imagine, we have a long feature-request list containing awesome stuff that we want to see added to the website.

At the moment we still have a fairly small development team and we really have to prioritise the list and this is one of the features that is not yet planned for the roadmap.

Do you perhaps still know the name of the Hub you’re looking for? (Perhaps from older e-mails) I would be more than happy to help you locate him/her.

Robin - 3D Hubs

Hi, I didn’t know you could go offline in such a fashion! The hub is Rob’s Hub based in Polmont, UK. I understand the long list of features, its completely understandable, I was just a bit surprised I couldn’t search by name.

If there’s anything a product design engineer like me can help with let me know!

All the best,


Hey Sam, I quickly checked and indeed, Rob’s Hub is offline at the moment.

Thank you for offering your assistance as well, we appreciate it!

Thanks for checking! Glad to help, just drop a line :slight_smile: