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Injection molding for Production

Live Webinar - Wednesday, May 29, 10-11 am EDT

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Injection molding turns digital

Injection molding is known for its ability to mass manufacture plastic parts in the thousands, with production volumes sometimes reaching 100,000+ units. Digital workflows have significantly reduced the injection molding startup costs, making it a cost-effective option for quantities down to 500 units.

Learn how to take advantage of the high productivity of injection molding, minimize your manufacturing costs with smart design choices, and complete your production within a few weeks.


Join us to learn

  • How digital injection molding has cut lead times from months to weeks
  • What are the key design restrictions for injection molding
  • How to choose from the available materials and finishes
  • How to minimize the cost of production with actionable tips
  • How to choose between the different manufacturing solutions

Our manufacturing experts will also answer all your questions in the live Q&A.

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Main presenter

Dillan Patel is the in-house Hubs manufacturing consultant specializing in injection molding. He loves the challenge that comes with manufacturing cutting edge parts without compromising on the design intent. Dillan has hands-on experience in the injection molding factory floor, and he has reviewed hundreds of designs for different industries, spanning from low-volume production of medical components, all the way to full-scale injection molding production systems.