I don’t bother with the US. This comment was meant for the folks in the EU, many of whom buy their Zortrax through local resellers who are required to give regular consumers a 2 year warranty on every device they sell. So there’s that :slight_smile:

Might wanna check this out, on your own risk ofc :wink:


Due to the fact that we’ve implemented external material option, the warranty card has been changed in favour of our clients.

We’ve removed the line saying that using 3rd party filaments voids the warranty. At the moment it’s the only change.

If a user misuse the “external materials” option and a part gets damaged (for example an extruder block), a warranty ONLY for this part is voided. The printer’s warranty is still valid.

The same applies for non-EU countries warranty for hidden defects showing in first 100/200 working hours.

I hope it’s all clear now.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Zortrax Team


I guess Z-Temps will go to the wall now?

Ha, that’s what I was thinking! But they still have other great mods like the Z-mon that I use to detect when filament runs out and pauses the printer. It’s already paid for itself a few times over saving print jobs from failing for my hubs orders.

There’s also a mod that lets you ditch the perf plate if you want to say print flex materials w/o a raft (which you still couldn’t do even with the new z-suite options).

And I hear good things about z-temp’s alternative hotend.

But yeah, their core product just bacame obsolete.

Thanks, I know about it. I’d rather just have it in z-suite, and I figure if Zortrax is already unlocking everything else, why not this as well?

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Zortrax ABS is really affordable and has good quality. I perfectly understand the manufacturer decision to limit options to make their printer more reliable. I will use a 3rd party filament only if it offers something that I don’t get from a Zortrax filament.

I have some carbon fiber abs that prints great under the standard Z-ABS settings!

Have you actually tried running PLA through their hotend? It doesn’t work well at all except a few brands. Check the ztemp site and see for yourself. PLA is not included for a reason…

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It’s totally a 3D printing system, just as reliable as an Industrial type machine.

Good point, no I haven’t. I generally don’t print PLA since most of my jobs are for functional engineering applications. The z-temp team has a lot of success printing PLA on Zortrax but I believe most of that is when using their own hotend, not the OEM.

We are successfully printing PLA on our Zortrax machines. We use Easyfil PLA from Formfutura to be exact, and the finish is perfect !

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A really important thing they left out of Z-Suite is the “air gap” setting.

Some “even Zortrax” filaments are extremely hard to remove. Especially if you have large horizontal radius “dome shaped” surface.

Actually, the Magnuson-Moss Act does consider this argument. While the first part of your argument is true, in the US a manufacturer cannot void a warranty based solely on the usage of aftermarket or 3rd party products, it does however still allow a manufacturer to refuse warranty coverage to any damage specifically caused by the use of said aftermarket or 3rd party products.

So in this example, if you run a 3rd party filament and let’s say your LED display fails under the warranty period, then Zortrax would have to honor the warranty since the filament likely had nothing to do with the display failure. However, if you ran a 3rd party filament, and that filament jammed up your hotend then they would have grounds to not replace your hotend under warranty, but the remainder of the warranty would remain intact. This pretty much aligns with Marta’s comment above which seems an appropriate response from Zortrax.

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