Good afternoon everyone,

An interesting software update has been released by Zortrax today !

From now on, you will be able to experiment with 3rd parties materials.


“From now on, you will be able to experiment with 3rd parties materials without voiding the warranty.”

That statement is true but give a massively false pretense. You have always been able to use 3rd party materials without voiding your warranty. It’s illegal for Zortrax to void your warranty if you use third party materials.

I believe this is the right one:

“Warrantors cannot require that only branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the warranty.[7] This is commonly referred to as the “tie-in sales” provisions,[8] and is frequently mentioned in the context of third-party computer parts, such as memory and hard drives.”

Might be worth to also google for “g2z zortrax”. Discussed e.g. where you can find the other Z tool which is depicted by logs floating on water.

Cool ! I’ve never heard about it before.

Great news!

That’s interesting, will it be possible to set custom material settings i Z-Suite?

This is really great. I already used other brands ABS, PET, polycarbonate and nylon but now i will try out PLA and flexible materials!

When I go to the Zortrax site I see 2 versions of 1.1.0 firmware - which is correct? (M200) Also - how can the material facility be accessed - cant see any additional meus or facilities on the M200 screen. In addition - do you know if Zortrax are upgrading Z-Suite so we can access the firmware changes?

Well, I print with 3rd parties materials in all time I have this printer :slight_smile:

These news are great !!

Zortrax is best 3d printer!

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You are aware that only concerns US, right? And printer bought through from outside europe aren’t covered by warranty at all (except DOA cases)


It’s accessed in Z-suite software, NOT in the firmware. The original post is incorrect. Just download the latest Z-suite 1.10 and you’re good to go.

Now when you’re in the print menu, select Advanced and a new option appears to choose Zortrax Materials or External Materials. When you choose External Materials you are now able to modify several new printing parameters including temps, speeds, retraction, top/bottom fill, flow rate, etc.

This is huge! Way to go Zortrax, 2 thumbs up!

Now just let us disable raft please :wink:

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Still if you do not get material X to work, you’re on your own and ruining the extruder with bad filament still isn’t covered by warranty :smiley:

It is a good move indeed but we should all still be very careful using it, hence the term “experiment” :wink:

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Great news! But, does anybody knows why PLA is not included in the list? :confused:

I strongly disagree with your take on this. An example is a car manufacturer, they cant void your warranty if you use some other brand gasoline and a part such as transmission breaks. But if that other brand gas was not up to standards and clogged your fuel injectors they would be within their rights to deny the warranty claim on the fuel injectors.

Same with zortrax not replacing the hot end under warranty if a 3rd party filament caused it to jam. But if something like the motherboard or heated bed stopped working they can not deny that claim because of 3rd party filament being used.


You can disagree with me all you want. You can disagree with the Kevorkian case as well. You can even disagree with the entire constitution. It’s a free country.

The law is still the law and doesn’t consider your agreements or arguments with it. If a company disagrees with laws regarding warranties in the US they can simply stop selling their products in the US.

All of your statements are in agreement with what I have said so I’m not sure where your strong disagreement comes from?

The US has a 100 print hour warranty from Zortrax (It’s industry leading here! NOT) the M300 has a 200 hour warranty, per Marta from Zortrax.

Doesn’t change a thing, running 3rd party materials has never voided a warranty legally in the US. This is the same crap Stratasys wants to pull trying to lock people into overpriced materials it gets sickening after a while.

It is in the US.

It doesn’t matter, you can now adjust the print settings to accommodate any material, including PLA. Just adjust the temps and speeds to what you need. What you start with doesn’t really matter, that’s just to get you in the ballpark.

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Because the zortrax hotend is not well suited for printing PLA due to being all metal. An aftermarket hotend would be more suitable for PLA.

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