I’m interested in the experiences of those with 3d printed prosthetics, for a potential research project. My main interest is hands or fingers, and I’m interested in the usability, benefits, drawbacks and rate of discard.

Would anyone be willing to share their story with me?



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Hey Maeve, feel free to browse the /Prosthetics or E-Nable communities, you might find some nice stories. Cheers

Hi, Maeve my name is Elijah and have just recently started to print and assemble 3d printed hands to help kids without fingers and I’ve found that they work great. They are easy to use and put together. The hands themselves can last for a while but the strings used to will have to be replaced. I hope this could help you. Elijah

Thanks Gabriela, I’m finding a lot of people involved in the making, but not as many recipients professing their benefits. This is where my main interest lies…

Hey Elijah, thanks for responding. Who teaches the kids to use the hands? Do they get follow up? Which countries are the kids in? If they are followed up, how long for? Are the kids missing hands from birth, or through trauma? Do you make any for adults?

What im interested to know is, are the hands beneficial long term, or once the novelty wears off, are they discarded.


Hi Maeve, I second what Gabriela said about contacting the guys at enablingthefuture.org and on their google groups

you can also send messages to our group at enablemelbourne.org

Thanks for your help people!!