hey guys,

I have a question. My dad wants to print things for him in clear resin, but wants to try the Nobel 1.0 and the form 2. Which do you think is better for clear resin at 50 microns.

he will end up buying the best one and put it in my apartment.

Thanks in advance

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Lucky you. Unfortunately I haven’t used the Nobel 1.0 or the form 2 BUT i have used the Form 1 and with proper maintenance it was great. I assume the second edition will have improvements.

I hope you find some better feedback!

Form 2 will give you very crisp, super detail quality prints that I think it’s a bit overkill, and pricey (printer, tanks and resin cartridges). Nobel 1.0 will give you really good quality prints for the price you pay with larger volume than Form 2. If you’re just starting to use SLA printers I would say go for Nobel 1.0 but if you know exactly how to work with theses types of printers (and not wasting material) then Form 2 is the best choice, period.

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It is because my dad wants to use it for teeth. (I know that it isn’t the best option for printing teeth on these printers but he insisted) I work every day with DLP printers from envisiontec at work so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thanks for your feedback ?

If money is no object then form 2 every time. Been a form 1+ user for over 2 years now and I wish I had the cash to be able to upgrade. There is a learning curve no doubt (I would honestly expect you to blast through a couple of litres of resin before getting consistent prints) but as far as the system goes these days, it’s very nice to use.

I’d download the preform software and take a look at it

Look at the new wanhao duplicator 7 you might be surprised.

If budget is not an issuie Form 2

Thank you all. I’ll talk to my dad then. :slight_smile:

The Formlab Form2. Definitely…

Form 2 Xyz printing use own resin and that that can give you high costs

Form 2.

I have a form 1+ and added a form 2 over a year ago. The form 2 is night and day improvement over Form 1+. My print success rate across a range of materials is probably 99%. I have had one failure just the other day which was likely due to a resin tank that had been sitting with flexible resin in it for months and I may not have gotten the clear surface cleaned off enough.

I have printed in white, grey, clear, black, flexible, dental, and tough resins with great success.

i have also printed a negative mold of a tooth arch and it is fanstastic.

The only question I would have is what is the purpose of printing the teeth. Make sure he matches the resin with the needs of the printed item and that the parts are cleaned and cured properly.

Hello ! I don’t know the XYZ printer, but used a form1+ or two years, and i own a Form2 now. Machine and clear resin have huge quality improvments.
Simply the best i think!