Hello XYZ owners. I’ve been thinking of doing the Repetier flash on my XYZ DaVinci Duo. But for those that have it, I have some questions. With Repetier flashed, is the printer able to be a stand alone printer like it was with XYZWare? With XYZWare I upload the sliced file and then disconnect my computer as the printer starts working. Can I do that with Repetier on this machine? I know with some Airwolfs I was using this was not possible.

Also has anyone set up Repetier on a Duo 2.0 printer?




That is a interesting question that I want to know the answer to myself. I want to flash my 2.0, please let me know how it goes.

I can tell you for my Delta that runs repitier you have to keep the printer plugged in unless you run off a sd.

The 2.0 has a sd on the mother that has the sample files saved on it. There are a few videos on youtube about that sd card.

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No sorry the printer has to be plugged In the whole time. though I have heard of people using a air memory card to transfer sliced files wirelessly. But I recommend flashing your printer. It improves prints greatly!!!

Using just repetier you need to leave it connected. This is the one downside to repetier host, however you can easily get around this by using a raspberry pi running repetier server. You run repetier host on you computer like normal but instead of connection to your printer directly you connect to repetier server. It also supports the raspberry pi camera. You slice and use the manual controls on your computer like normal but it gets executed by the raspberry pi.

I haven’t set this up just yet but it’s on my short list. repetier server is free also. The paid version supports a touchscreen interface also so you can get the raspberry pi touch screen and have a pretty sweet setup.

You really should flash to repetier .92. I Did it a year ago and I just upgraded to dual E3d v6 hotends. It was a bit of work but it’s totally worth it.

Yea that’s what I thought. Bummer.

Do you have any links on the information you listed for the pi mod?

And do you have any additional info on changing out the hot end to the V6?



The raspberry pi isn’t really a mod. It’s more like setting up a separate computer. Here is the link to repetier server


They have a separate build for the Rapsberry Pi. Its the armel version.

Here is the video playlist I used to upgrade to the E3d v6


And the thingiverse thing for mounting the hotends


I had to sand down the mating surfaces of the brackets to get a snug fit

These wires came in handy also.



Sweet! I’ll check it out. Thanks!

mine 1.0aio on the newer board got flashed recently, its much better but there is potentially a lot more learning to do. but that’s a good thing. you can actually change the bed and extruder temps and axis speeds and a whole host of things that can give a real boost in print quality. but on the down side is you can send commands that might make the printer crash or not work right. once your familiar with putting jobs in that software is basically the same, place stl, slice, print, monitor. I’m finding it nice being able to print a test, pull it of and print it again without waiting 20mins to go to the bottom back to the top heat back up again etc as i can just say not to turn things off on finish, manually lower the bed enough to get the job then re-home and run.

the biggest reason for me flashing was that i bought xyzzero cart thinking i could reset the length of cartridges but more importantly the temperatures but it turned out while it did reset the length it ignored everything else and both bed and extruder were too low, they worked but had problems with job peeling off bed and not sticking.

hope that helps you decide :slight_smile: