I created 3D EeZ. Presently we are being tested By the Navy as well as NASA. we are now Bundled with Makers Tool Works 3-D Printers. Why… because it works…and is economical. at the End of the Day… Who wants their Efforts to be Ruined by issues like LIFTING, CURLING, and STICKING… No One… Richard Horne States it best in His Blog ( ) Try it we Know you will Love it… as so many others do now… We also have an Operation In London and in Israel. For our European and Middle Eastern Clients.

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i have tried tu use it for a while. no way or i’m able to stick the object on the plate or it stick too much and i’m not able to pull it out of the bed, i’ll try again but it has to be easy to use like the lacques made to 3d printing ( 3dlac or dimafix)

Any tips to help Antonio have a smoother printing experience, @Tony_Gaston?

How does it work exactly? How is it different than others?

I have been asked… How is 3D EeZ different than something else. Because it works well… it is a good start… you can use it many many times… and having your builds not lift off and not have curling issues… and also not getting stuck so badly to ones build plates that they have to destroy the item they built to clear the plate for further use… all sound like very good reasons to me… But Mostly because it works where so many other have failed… in the long run… making it less expensive than the other choices. You should test it yourselves and see. for yourselves like so many others.