Hi all,

I’ve been needing to get some 1.75mm white PLA for some projects of mine, and since I’ve had no problems with Hatchbox I’ve been looking for that - but it’s been out of stock for as long as I can remember. White ABS, no problem, but white PLA I just can’t find in stock (or, at a reasonable price - $50/kg for 1 roll of basic PLA isn’t reasonable). Am I just looking in the wrong places, or is there really an issue with this?

I did a little searching and their site is confusing as heck #1 and #2 it looks like there is a shortage of filament. They maybe stopping production of one thing for another. Can you use another brand like say ColorFabb or others? Trust me i stick with one brand when I find it BUT sometimes you have to go with the brands that are there sadly :-/. Hope that helps!

Amazon 24$

Shame; I wonder what the shortage is due to, and why production is stopping if that’s the case.

I wouldn’t be opposed to using another brand, but I’m just familiar with Hatchbox and don’t know what other brands are good/nonpolluted/air-free. ColorFabb seems to be something of a premium filament, from what I’ve seen - I’m just looking for some basic, no-frills PLA with no special properties or anything. Would you happen to have any recommendations? I’m seeing a lot of MeltInk3d results, but not particularly stellar reviews.

Can you provide a link? Or a screenshot? I’ve been scouring Amazon and haven’t been able to find it.

Edit: Turns out that it went back in stock just today. Last night right before I posted this there hasn’t been any, and none for a long time before that. Thanks for the heads up.

I know amazon may sell it

I received a roll of bq PLA last week, so far I’ve had no issues!


I’ve also seen a lot of people using colorfabb, apparently one of the best filament brand, will order some next month.

According to hatchbox, the actual company not a reseller, they are 2-3 months out from completing their production expansion to double or more capacity. They have and expect to have shortages until the expansion is complete. If you want a case of 10 rolls my distributor can help. It’s $15.75 each for qty 100 rolls and a bit more for just 10. If you want a roll for $22 + shipping I can sell it :wink:

Guys my name is bruce and im a local guys here in miami florida, we do lots of prints and we process aroucn 50 to 80 models printings every week.

at the beginning i used to try many different brands out there not knowing the difference between a good quality filament and a crappy one from china i don’t have any issue with other brands but base on my experience i found out that there is a huge difference in quality versus price.

i know we all want to save some money here and there but at the end when you have a print that is 12hrs and that is the most beautiful thing you have ever printed is goes wrong then you ask your self why i did not by that other brand.

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i personally would recommend this brand MeltInk3d try it out i promised you wont be disappointed and it worth every penny.

hope this helps they are local and shipped quickly.

thank you guys.