Hello all!. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully respond. I’ve been looking for another printer, currently have an Anycubic i3 Mega which was amazing must has recently started to give me fits. So I need a new printer while I fix the Mega. I’ve narrowed it down to between 2 printers. I know they are both wildly different but anyways, I chose them based on reviews and specs. First up. FLSUN CUBE Touch. Pros CoreXY style printer Dual extruders(E3d chimera and cyclops style hotends) Massive build volume/heated bed Touch screen Open source hardware and software Cons Lengthy build time Requires lots of tweaks and upgrades for perfect prints Substandard Chinese clone parts 8bit board https://www.3dprintersonlinestore.com/flsun-3d-large-print-area-3d-printer?gclid=CjwKCAjwp7baBRBIEiwAPtjwxLrLLw07VvfCmmMamEYpgEO2XnP55lCvAtffk2lMuReO0DPUNvaYtxoC4lkQAvD_BwE TierTime Cestus3D MKII Pros All MGN linear rails Incredible build and print quality Simple build process High part quality Tiny footprint Simple to use, prints almost right out of the box Cons Few compatible filaments Closed source hardware Small build volume No heated bed standard I’ve only got about a $450 budget uve found both printers US stocked for $369.00USD I want the FLSUN bc I have parts to add PT100 sensors and heat locks and titan extruders and I really like and needa all of the features . However. I dont know if I have time, opening a new business, to tweak and tune it. Which is why I want the cetus3d.but the issue with it is the heated bed. However, I do have several heated beds, aswell as several arduinos,.thermistors, even a few 3d printer boards like RAMPS, melzi and MKS. Worst case I can use an existing heatbed and fashion an external heat bed controller. I know the cetus3d has a heatbed addon but it’s hard time find and will push outside of on my budget! I hope I’ve explained my thinking. I’d appreciate your thoughts/advice/opinions on what and why you would choose. Also suggestions under the $400 range would be appreciated! If you made it this far! Thanks again!!

So, I’m curious what printer you ended up buying. What do you think about it, whichever it is?