Suggest me with which programming language should I start my career. Actually I am in need of building a website and require a programming knowledge. So give some advice.

@makaijohn9 this is a 3D printing forum. You might get better answers from a programming/coding based board somewhere… Perhaps your first course should be one on how to use the Internet effectively.


Thanks dude. Sure I’ll try to search for the answer on programming based sites.

Not really the right forum but anyway.

The languages I started with are are not so popular anymore!!

C++ is a good one to start with. Java, Javascript and Python are good and relate to web and other things. R is good also for analysis. HTML and CSS will be your main web languages.

Non of these come easy but with diligence you can get the hang of it.

For a website html, javascript and jquery. is the place to go to for programming help

Thanks for your quick response and recommending some programming related sites to me. I’ll definitely look for it.

Always go with python don’t learn C++ until it required.
Python is the more powerful programming language compared to any other programming language and it very easy to understand and learn. This is the only programming language in the world which you can use every ware. After it, suggest you learn more about javascript GUI library.