I own a BCN3D Sigma dual extruder and I am relatively happy with Esun PVA as a support material.

I have also been printing with Scaffold by e3D, wich is a PVA modified, and performs better, but still have issues in terms of moisture and material adhesion.

What’s your experience with this and other brands? Have you test that materials? Ultimaker official PVA seems to work very well but is also quite expensive…



BCN3D will release a new printer today !

All I can say is that Ultimaker PVA seems to not require a dry box even in humid environments.

But hey I work at Ultimaker so I might be biased :slight_smile:

But during the development of the UM3 the first PVA was horrible after a while in a humid environment, while now it always works… (it still degrades fast if the nozzle is left hot without extruding though, that is fixed easily enough fortunately)

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what Diameter Filament is the Esun PVA that you are using we have a 3MM and it is 3MM not 2.85 our bowden tube keeps getting pushed out

we cant find a 2.85 PVA what would you suggest

eSun PVA is around 2.90mm diameter. It seems to be a 2.85mm filament.

On eSun website they say: “3.00mm (Accuracy:2.9-3.0mm)”

I wouldn’t risk buying a non compatible filament for the UM3… correct?

We have 2.85mm PVA filament, its manufactured by 3DFuel in Ireland. Although if you are in the US there is a US branch