Hey guys!

I’m in the 3D print community for almost 2 years now, from when I was 15 years old. I started off with a Velleman Vertex kit as first printer (a little Ultimaker alike) wich was a lot of fun and printed very good. Then I stepped up the game and designed my own reprap wich was loads of fun either. This printer also prints good, but I want something new.

I’m getting more and more 3D Hubs orders and I would like to expand, but I’m stuck there. I really want a stable machine, that is reliable for printing orders, but I’m not looking at something like a Ultimaker. Although it has oustanding printing quality and is probably one of the most reliable 3D printers out there now, I don’t like that it is super plug and play, and uses 3mm filament, no universal hotend,… I still like to tweak and modify 3D printers, next to that I find it way to expensive.

I was looking through the 3D Hubs 3D Printer ranking list but couldn’t find something that fits in neither. Most printers have not enough reviews to make good conclusions. I’m also maybe thinking to try another printing method. I can buy a Sintratec Kit (SLS) for less than half the normal price (€2000), but I don’t know if that is reliable and is liked by customers, printing in nylon. I’ve also been looking at delta printers and I really like them, but how is the layering, aren’t there alot of artifacts in prints because you don’t have a steady Z axis? I was checking the Prusa I3 MK2 too, but it looks alot like my reprap so I don’t know if that would satisfy me.

Somebody that has some suggestions?

Kind regards,



I came across this post by searching for “Sintratec”. How are you able to get one of the kits for so cheap? I would love to try out this kit if it was that affordable.