Hi I just tried printing the marvin but it is just not working i’ve been printing for quite some time now and I have never seen this before. Can anybody tell me what I should do ?

Printer: Ormerod 2 RepRapPro

Filament: PLA Orange

Settings: Layer Height 0.15 mm, Extrusion Temp 195 Celsius (It is high but the label on the PLA says 190-200 Celsius), Heated Bed Temp Off as said in the instructions.

Sorry for shitty foto don’t have better camera

The underlying print is perfect but there is some sort of shell around it

Any Help Would be appreciated


BTW Fan is always 100%

Does it just start to mess up here in the middle every time? What slicer do you use , because the legs look fine. The thing with the temperature is that it’s not always perfectly aligned with the reality. Feel free to play around with it according to the thing you print :wink: I’d recommend starting with that and playing around with the printing speed as well

try to lower temperatures… more fan…

it was very easy with my Ormerod

It just is not working my prints are always perfect except for this thing

Maybe try printing slower or use a different slicer if you have an open source machine. Also have you tried adding supports with your slicer or in meshmixer as it seems the bit that’s failing has a overhang on it.

It does not clearly show in the picture, but I can bet on the back side the layers do not look good at all.

The reason for this is the overhang and the effect is called curling. When the body starts, the angle of the slope the body size increases is very low, so that the outside perimeter is almost in the air. It curls up easily and the layer is affected. Unfortunately the following layers are affected as well and the defect propagates and eventually disappears when the angle of the surface increases.

The only solution I know is of composed of:

- (very) low speed (10 mm/s for 1 Marvin, 20 for 2, 30 for 3)

- very much fan

- print 2-3 Marvins at once

- thinner layers 0.1-0.15 mm

- decrease the extruder temperature (the lower the speed, the lower the temperature)


This worked thanks!

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Nice :slight_smile: Thanks for the great input, Daniel!