Is there anyone who has used form 2 resin tanks that he is not going to use anymore?

I am doing some successful experiments to make a cheaper and longer lasting alternative for these tanks but need some more tanks to experiment with.

I’m willing to pay 10 euro each plus shipping within the Netherlands/Europe.

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I do have 2 tanks available for FormOne+which are almost new - just 0nly 1 time … - immediately the silicon bottom part(inlay) was damaged…

Due to the very poor service and extreemly high prices from this supplier, I gave up to use of this machine in my Hub…

Please let me know how-to proceed…

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I have 4 pieces here , empty of grey.

Cheers, Gabor

Have you tried druckwege recoat¿ :wink:

I am not going to recoat them. :slight_smile:

My goal is to develop an alternative design for this tank which is _much_ cheaper and faster to maintain and clean than buying new ones or recoating them. I got some pretty interesting results already but need a few used tanks(with chip) to do some more development.

Thanks for the offer Hans! Unfortunately, the Form 1+ and 2 use different tray designs…

If this works for the form 2 I can always develop for the form 1+ as well.


I will send you an email soon!

Could you offer a little more details about what materials you use and how do you experiment with these tanks? Also could you show some pictures ?

I’ve got one. How best to get it to you?

I have a question, are you asking for the resin bottle that holds and releases the resin during printing, or the resin tank that is filled during printing? I ask this because sometimes there is confusion with the words being used to describe these parts. I think you mean the orange resin tank. Also, it seems that there are a few people with ideas for reusing the resin tanks. I hope your idea works out well for you and others too.

Hi there,

I got 3 of them (Form2) . and I do approx one in the week at the moment.


Just read your post. Any news on your experience? (Good news I hope)