I am a non-profit organization that is working hard to do a mentoring program for an underprivileged football team in Akron Ohio on August 2, 2016. I have a budget of $20 per hand to get 30 sets printed. I am working with Enable to distribute the completed hands to children around the world. The specs are:

0.2mm layer height, 35% infill, 2 outlines

I attached STLs.

Can anyone help make this deadline?
pheonixleftplate.stl (5.3 MB)
pheonixrightplate.stl (5.19 MB)


I just spoke with this nice lady, and she has a great program going for her. Unfortunately, the person who agreed to do this for her let here down.

This is a pretty great opportunity to do some good. Underprivileged youth working in a mentorship program working in teams to assemble these prosthetics, that then go to those in need via E-nable, who is going to find homes for them.

Yes, her budget is probably less than what you would normally charge, and her time frame is indeed short— but it is for a very good cause.

I will agree to make a right hand and a left hand!

If only 14 others can do the same, we can get this done!

Who will join me???

thank you so much Perry!!! You are going above and beyond!

Hey @Lisa_Bachman,

These are to be printed will PLA correct?

Let me see how many at a time I can fit on my bed, and how long each run will take (as well as how much material I have on hand to work with). I definitely won’t be able to get 30 sets done by August 2nd, but if a couple Hubs chip in a set or two, they all might get done. Do you min mentioning what non-profit it is you work with? I might be able to get access to a few more printers this weekend , but I know their respective owners will like a bit more info about what they’re being used for.

Pla. 35% infill. 2shells.

thank you!!!

I could do a left and right hand. each one looks like an 8hr print and it would need to be shipped out by friday to get there in time. If you send a request to my hub I can adjust the pricing to 20 a hand shipped



Build time: 5 hours 37 minutes

Filament length: 72128.6 mm

Plastic weight: 207.06 g (0.46 lb)

Material cost: 31.06

As long as color is not relevant. Waiving the setup fee and at cost shipping I could knock out a few of these they would not be at a my usual build quality. That build time is likely off by 40% as there is a ton of retractions and slow downs on these prints. My printer is backlogged so I would be pushing orders. Perhaps as others have said if several hubs can print a few it would be easy to accomplish.

Also @Lisa_Bachman I would recommend you contact fusion3 design and see if they would be willing to print a few on their demo units or testing units.

@gabriela3d @Filemon @BennyHeretoHelp can you sticky this thread so it gets some more traction? (Not saying maybe sponsor some prints, though it wouldn’t hurt to sponsor some prints in exchange for photos of the completed project)


You all have been AMAZING!!! I’m so inspired to know that there are so many wonderful people who have been willing to jump in and help me!!

I did just find someone who actually has 30 kits in stock, so they don’t even need to print them. They are coming from California, but they will be here by Friday. SO, for now, I’m set, but I would love to stay in touch with you all. Please let me know how to best reach you. It would be my honor to send you business when we do this the next time. Perry, thank you for spear heading this conversation by being the first to jump in so quickly.

I’m so thankful for each of you!!! My warmest regards - Lisa


Thanks for the heads up, @SOC3D, the thread is now displayed at the top of Talk’s main page for everyone to see. Alternatively upvoting the thread has the same effect, so feel free to do that as well.

@Lisa_Bachman You came to the right place, I’m positive the users here will help make your project happen. Good luck!

Wow, tears in my eye. You folks were great.

It is my firm belief that if the need had not gone away, that we would have pulled it off here at 3dhubs. Gold stars for everyone who jumped in.

For now, I am glad that that the need is fullfilled!

Miracles do happen! 150 kids will work with mentors to build the hands. They will learn about good deeds, and trusting in their mentors. 30 folks will receive orthopedics!

Just incredible.

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So now I’m the one with tears!!! Thank you all so much!!! I will keep you posted on how things go!

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Are you still looking for printers? I live in Akron and we have several printers in Cleveland we can do this at no cost if color is not an issue. — Best regards, Will

Also there is a 3D meetup tonight in Cleveland, I can ask which members are willing to help. Feel free to email us at hello-at-b3innovations.com

Oh wow! This is awesome!! We are currently looking for mentors for the program we are doing next week. Do you think anyone would like to join in? I’m attaching the mentor job description.
Buchtel Mentor Overview.pdf (1.25 MB)

I just placed an order from a company in California, but I wonder if I could cancel it?? Would you be able to call me? 216-570-3243

We’re based in New York, so a bit too far away from you guys to directly mentor! But once we’re up and rolling, we can definitely help you with the supplies you need!

Hey Lisa!

I’m happy to hear you found someone to help you out with this! I have just recently gotten involved with e-Nable and we are starting a local chapter, and would love to help in the future!

I currently mentor the middle school and high school robotics teams in my local school district, and they all want to be involved as well (they’re one of the real reasons I decided to start a chapter) so I should have plenty of helpers (and quite a few printers) in the coming weeks. We are currently planing some fundraisers (online campaigns, local concerts, etc.) to offset material costs, so the prosthetics can be free for those who need them in the future, including to your organization.

oh wow - where in NY? We are in discussion about doing something in Syracuse!