When being requested orders with a single small part that needs to be printed many times, it is currently not possible to change the number of “Setup cost” calculated.

This seems like a good feature to have, if I have 10 2 cm parts on my 20x20cm bed, I can print them all in 1 go but the customer is charged for all 10, hardly fair.

So far I have simply made a single file with all parts in it together but surely a +1/-1 up down button may be better, limiting the maximum amount to the number of STL files would ensure no excessive costs.

This would be best (in my opinion) to only be changed by the hub owners to stop unknowing users changing a 30 part print down to 1 setup cost for huge parts.

Is there a feature request area for this sort of thing?


im confused so lets say someone orders 5 of a part. you want to charge them the setup fee 5 times?

in the pricing section theres a spot to put in additional cost per item.

I only charge a setup fee once no matter the part count.


Thats my problem, if you setup additional costs per consecutive item, as some customers order large parts and this covers that time, you cannot change that.

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Hey @Cory_Sinclair,

Hubs has set up a forum specifically for feature requests and feedback, which you can find here. I’d definitely suggest submitting this there; this is a feature I’d like to have as well.


I knew there would be a place, just didnt know how to find it, thanks!

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Link for my feature request here https://3dhubs.uservoice.com/forums/212175-3d-hubs-forum/suggestions/16262164-edit-startup-costs

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