Hi Everyone, I am selling my Ultimaker Extended 2 + in perfect condition with very little printing at 200 hours clocked on it. Looking for £1200 or €1350. Will ship free to anyone in EU. Comes with everything original including eccessories power block etc and ships in original box. Selling it because I have 8 other printers and never got around to using this Ultimaker.

Hi, what are your other printers ?

A few smaller ProFab Mini’s and three Raise3D’s. Most printing jobs that came in where either small enough to fit on the small printers or big enough for the Raise3D’s so I never got around to using the Ultimaker Extended 2 +

Hi there AaronJ,

We are very interested in this machine and would like to buy it from you if its still available.
I would like to kindly ask you if its possible to send me some more pictures, specially of the hotend.

You can contact me directly on this email: marko@mikrotvornica.com

Thank you very much.

Hi Marko,

So please find attach more photos of the hotend. If you have any more questions do t hesitate to ask. I will email you with these photos also.