I have a print that is using too much material for what it is. The file is on my page if you have any suggestions please send me a message. Thank you.


Try to reduce the infill to 20/25% this is actualy the minimum infill

Can some one take a look @ this stl file and see what I can do to reduce the material. Maybe the scale is wrong? I am using SketchUp 2015. Any advise would be greatly accepted.
cellphone dock3333.stl (357 KB)

With 15% infil i come out on 239,8 gr of filament. You could lower the bas and thickness of the structure to reduce filament use

Did it work out?

Hey there,

Really, the only answer is to reduce the infill by an appreciable amount. The base alone is like 135g. You could also consider printing it hollow with a thick wall ( say 6 layers ) so that the base is the only bit that’s actually hollow and fill that with plaster or epoxy. It would be more stable too as the base would be heavier.

Attached a repaired file. Some of the faces seem to have become flipped. I find that SketchUp has a habit of doing this. Might not be a bad idea for you to become familiar with Netfabb in case this happens again.

Happy printing!

cellphone dock3333 flipped.stl (129 KB)

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