I am looking for someone to print 60 to 80 parts using TPU and PLA materials.The attached file is a sample of what needs to be printed. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone that offers this type of service using the materials specified?

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Please allow me to quickly explain how our platform works. 3D Hubs is a platform where we connect customers who have 3D models that they want to have printed to local individuals/companies who have 3D printers available for printing, our Hubs. If you have the 3D model ready to be printed, you can easily upload your 3D model in STL format to our 3D print page in order to find a local 3D printer.

Under "more filters" you can search for hubs that have specific printers or materials such as resin or plaster.

As soon as the model is successfully uploaded you will receive a list estimated prices from the hubs in your area that have the capability to print the object to your specifications. Before sending in your model you are also free to contact the hubs yourself to discuss your project’s needs further in detail. Once you submit your order to a 3D printing Hub, the hub will download your model and determine if their 3D printing is capable of printing the model.

I hope this answers your question, please contact me again if you would like some further assistance. For additional information, please check our How-to-3D-Print page.

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If you want to send me an message through my Hub I would gladly take a look at the part for you and let you know what I can do.



Please feel free to contact me at;

Nathanclinnick@gmail.com for a quote and if you want to just have a chat about the different options available