Did anyone allready get the Fairphone Technologic Case? I got mine few days ago, but unfortunately I am not very happy with it: the Case is slightly too big on the length: like few mm. The case is “slippery” and makes not so much fun to use it. My local hub told me that they don’t change the dimensions while printing, so it must be a problem with the design.

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Hmmm haven’t heard this before. @Luuk any experience with this? Cheers

@salomea That’s weird. There’s always a little space in the horizontal direction, but never more than 2mm. Can you upload a picture?

Waiting for my Fairphone to come before the end of week. I’ll try to remember to print the technology case and have a try.

Do not hesitate to remember me if I did came back… :wink:

Maybe whoever printed it needs to tighten their belts?

@Lucck: here are the pictures. Hope you can see what I meant.

@Luuk here are the pictures (and sorry for misspelling! :slight_smile: )

Hi Salomea,

that doesn’t look good. I will lookup your order and see if we can get you a new print.


Thnak you Luuk ,that would be great! :slight_smile: