In case I get an order at 1 AM, and I wake up at 7:30 AM, already 6.5 hours spent since the time of the order. Is there a way, that the timer could start from the oncoming morning (together with the arrival of the SMS notification)?



It is my belief that an order placed at 1am starts the “average response time” at 8am. That is, if you respond at 8:15 am, it records a 15 minute response time.

I could be wrong.

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If this is true then I think that’s a really great feature and high five to 3D hubs then!

But that is what separates the good hubs from the excellent hubs, almost all hours. 1am isn’t too bad, I’ll admit that 3-4am is the biggest pain.

Perhaps have the counter start during reasonable hours, but give hubs that sometimes do reply in the early hours of the morning a badge or something.

I’m over 100 orders so it’s hard for me to tell how a single response affects my average but I hope this is how it works. If not, it should.