While I do use my dual extruder once and a while to print with two colors, the primary benefit for me has been the ability to switch prints to the other extruder in the case of a jam or feed issue and continue printing without a delay for repairs.

I use simplify 3D because it lets me use either extruder for any process, Cura seems to require a primary extruder be set.

Especially good if you don’t need a full on fan on the left extruder for cooling the material!!

I like it because I can do PLA on one and ABS on the other with minimal hassle.

Yup. You can just ignore the problem and then print with the other extruder if you have a lot of prints in line, to be fixed later…

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As @wirlybird said I also use my dual extruder for separate materials, I also use it from time to time for dual extrusion prints. Of course none of this rules out using one for keeping going while the other is repaired.

I also use Simplify 3D, I feel it is the best slicing software out there and well worth the price. Not only is it the most versatile I have used when it comes to supports but being able to define and use multiple processes per print is very handy as well.