Technology has changed the face of cities in today’s world, human life has changed differently due to the changes that have taken place. Human life is much easier and time has come to do more for human beings.

One of the products that has fueled the boundaries of imagination today is 3D printer technology. With this device, you can simply produce the most sophisticated designers you design and spend less on time and cost. The use of a 3D printer in the production of revolutionary products in the supply chain shortened the parts and the development time of a product will be significantly reduced. In the past, the initial production of products has been tangible in terms of cost and time.

Of the three-dimensional printers used in many industries, the combination of this technology in the context of these industries has created new markets that are highly welcomed by consumers, for example, in the not too distant future, many artificial organs of the body will be built with this device. And it is easier to use with industrial devices than with appliances, and it is hoped that even the use of this device will exceed and we see the use of this device in the medical arena, which is less Someone has foreseen it.

On the other hand, 3D scanners are one of the most important tools in the aerospace industry. Using these printers, prototyping can be done faster, and it can be very helpful in the production and design of parts.

From the engine parts to the interior parts of the cab can be prototype, so that the most complex and most sensitive parts that were built at a very high cost in the past were produced at very low cost. Deploying and manufacturing parts with this machine has the potential to reduce 40 to 60 percent of the material.

Other applications that can be mentioned for this device, and in the future, have created a great deal of fashion and fashion, new products with a very sophisticated design in the industry, it is true that this will be some kind of initial change. Which may be facing high resistance in every respect, but the adolescents of the industry are very pleased with these designs, and we can see the growth of this market.

If designing and manufacturing jewelry is also somewhat subtler fashion, it can be said that the gold has traditionally and manually moved to the machine. The original design is done digitally and the manufacturing process is much simpler than the past And products made with a much lower error rate give us a smoother and more accurate surface.

Still, we can say that not all the capacities of this device are used, and we will hear more in the mirror in this case and the applications of 3D printers(پرینتر سه بعدی).

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