We’d like to inform you that we have decided to turn 3D Hubs Talk into a read-only forum as of August 16th. This means that all the posts about additive manufacturing, specific printers and materials will stay available as valuable resources for the 3D printing community but 3D Hubs will no longer run Talk as an active forum.

The decision to stop the active support of Talk is in line with the developments of 3D Hubs as a platform over the last year and a half. 3D Hubs has fully dedicated its resources to develop a B2B platform that brings engineering focussed customers a reliable service that offers a wide variety of manufacturing processes that include CNC milling and Injection Molding next to our historic additive offering.

We want to thank you for your activity on Talk over the last 6 years.

All the best,

The 3D Hubs team