The best Star Wars props are made by the most committed fans. From Yoda Bust to Stormtrooper helmets and lightsabers 3D printed Star Wars outshine most of those sold in stores. A tribute to both the maker community as well as the possibilities of 3D printing.

For this reason, we’d like to challenge you to come up with the best 3D printable Star Wars props the internet has yet laid eyes on. In order to make this your worth while we teamed up with both Ultimaker and Colorfabb to reward your creative efforts .

The goal is simple: Design and Print an innovative and new 3D Printable Star Wars gadget.

In order to participate and submit your design simply choose one the these options:

- Simply attach the .stl to a comment on this Talk post

- Upload the design to Youmagine and share the link in a comment

Also make sure upload a picture of the finished 3D print to showcase the result.

The best innovative design will be chosen by a jury composed by Ultimaker and 3D Hubs. By March 21st we will declare the winner of the competition.


So, what can I win?

  • 1st Prize: Ultimaker 2+ (!!!), the printer which has just been presented at CES 2016
  • 2nd Prize: 6 spools of Colorfabb nGen or €100 3D Hubs voucher
  • 3rd Prize: 2 spools of Colorfabb nGen or €50 3D Hubs voucher

Major props to Ultimaker and Colorfabb for sponsoring these amazing prizes! On top of these prizes we’ll make sure to share all of your kick-ass designs on our major social media outlets! “Do or do not, there is no try.’’ — Yoda



  • Goal : Design and print a new and innovative Star Wars prop or gadget.
  • Final Submission Date : March 21, 2016
  • Judging criteria: The most innovative design. Submission guidelines: Submit a STL of your design + photo of your print, including a brief description.

@Simona stealing @kengiang entry in your example haha :wink:


Excuse me but I think we should put a single project in 3D printing?


I 3d printed a motorized AT-AT. It uses just one motor for all the legs and the rest is 3d printed.

There’s a lot of parts and it’s kind of complex to put together but feel free to give it a go!


Nice! I was just looking at this on Thingiverse, wondering if you were going to enter it into the contest. Looks like I was right! I was thinking of doing an AT-AT as well but I wanted to know if you’d be okay with that.


Ha, thanks! Yeah I saw the contest posted on Reddit. Also please post whatever you got! I really like seeing what other people make!

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Is anyone able to make a figure of han solo and princess leia? I have been asked to print them for a wedding cake topper but don’t have the expertise to design that.

If it’s for a wedding cake I think the best think would be to dress the couple as Han and Leia and 3D scan them. You will get a precise 3D model and you will be able to 3D print them. Of course, this is the fancy option, but as a wedding only takes place once (or that’s the idea), I would do it that way.


I made Toppers for my whisky bottles (the black bottle has nickname Darth Vader, the green bottle has a nickname Master Yoda and the last one is from the Save Lars Homestead (its a trilogy of whisky)) The Lars Homestead is the first 3d model from this building made from original drawings, darthvader and masteryoda are made before and I made the right fit for these specific bottles.

MasterYodaGlendronach.stl (15 MB)
vaderdronach.stl (2.24 MB)
SaveLars-no-dronach .stl (1.33 MB)


Alright, my print finally finished so I can finally post it! A Death Star snack bowl since it’s easy to print and it seems like an item most people would use. Print for a small movie get together! At the printed size it holds about a 6 oz bag of candy, sits very sturdily with no supports used in Cura.
Death Star bowl.stl (1.61 MB)


Love it!


Haha pretty sweet! Love that is comes with a box :wink:

The Edna Mode comment made my day! Good luck!


When the first trailer for The Force Awakens came out I was so excited I decided to make a fan version of the Millennium Falcon that would print without supports and in one piece. Seems like it would be good to give it a run in this race!

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.



It’s the less I can do for Edna, although there still are some crazy superheroes that believe capes are cool and safe!


I love your Boba Fett rifle! Upvoted!

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Han Solo’s DL44 from Star Wars: A New Hope

Every smuggler’s trusty sidearm! I poured hundreds of hours researching screengrabs and Lucasfilm archive photos to capture the detail to the best of my ability. My favorite aspects are that the hammer can be rotated back and forth, magazine can be unloaded, a spring can be added to make a functional trigger, and the model is printed in parts to maximize detail and ease of paint. Tech-savvy makers can take advantage of the space in the handgrip, body, and barrel to fit in electronics for light and sound effects. The render shows an ideal paint job, but I only have a raw print at the moment. I hope you have as much fun as I do with this model! The 34 .stl files are available on YouMagine:


Hey, when you pay such a premium price, you expect no less :stuck_out_tongue:

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@pherkan You should check this out!


This one is great!