Hello there. i bought this machine like a month ago, and im having a litthe problema printing large objects, specificaly on the base.

When i print on the center of the plate, if it is 4" of diameter, tere’s no probem, but if i want to print something as big as the supposed reliable printing Surface, the hot end starts to lift a few milimeters, enough to avoid the filament to stick itself to the plate. also, if i try to print a big ring, it just cut itself as if the plate were a square. ill post some pics.

Can you get some photos of the effector assembly holding the hotend? It could be calibration or something like a fan or wire causing the effector to shift or lift on the outside of the prints.

There. and thanks for the quick reply!

With your hotend mounted under the effector it does not appear that anything should be lifting the effector. Try moving it by hand with the steppers disabled out to the farther reaches of the bed and verify the effector stays flat and nothing grinds or catches. Have you calibrated the arm length and Delta radius?

I dont, the machine came with a pre loaded firmware on the arduino board, and i can’t find enough information how to do it by myself. I did many projects with arduino, so i feel confortable with processing, but the firmware that i have in a SD card have all the comments in chinese or japanese. Sadly if i have to modify soonething on the code i can’t do it alone.

i’m relatively new to the 3D printing world and i’m already having several headaches with this delta. I really apreciate your help right now.

You can start by assuming the firmware is configured correctly, which may be incorrect though if you don’t have the source it’s a starting point. Here is some useful information on Delta’s and calibration http://minow.blogspot.com/?m=0 What it sounds like in your case is that the horizontal radius value is off causing the printer to print bowl shaped, low in the middle and high on the outside. Calibration is not as difficult as people say though not as easy as a Cartesian printer. I can probably walk you through it via voice or chat.

Hello again! after writting and re-writting the code, i finally get it working ! i just came here to say THANKS! for your help, i wouldnt do it without the link you gave me.

sorry for my bad english, and one more time THANKS YOU!