My boys, ages 4 and 2, have taken an interest in my Printrbot. The 4 year old actually “helped” me assemble it. Anyway, they call everything I print a “robot” right now, so I thought I would design and print some simple robot models to use as stocking stuffers. Designed in SpaceClaim, sliced in Cura, and printed in PLA on my Printrbot Simple Metal.

You can download the models here:


Hey Andrew,

Nice work! They came out really well. I’ve just followed you on Thingiverse (although I’m called cool3dgifts on there). Can’t wait to see what you produce next.



Those are so cool, thanks for sharing!

These are simply great :slight_smile: Amazing stuff, thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Marc! Just followed you back on Thingiverse. I hope to have many more projects to post soon.

Thanks for the comment! I had fun making these.

Thanks for suggesting I post these over here. I’ll try to remember for future projects as well!

Pretty cool.

Glad you decided to do it! I’ll make sure you won’t forget :wink:

Looks great!