When I print something with a curve is not regular why? my printer is creatr leapfrog

filament is ABS? temp 230°C, extrusion multiplier:1,layer 0.2mm, first layer width 125%, infill 20%, outline overlap 15%, default printing speed 60 and other parameters are 50% under speed


Simplify3D Has actually released a really handy guide on printing errors like this : https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/

Make sure to check it out :wink:

@Arnoldas is correct, check the guide. Also your temperature looks to be off. It could be related to print speed or cooling. I’d recommend printing a temperature calibration tower to see if you can dial in a better temp for that filament.

Lower the layer ,15 mm or lower infill full honeycomb en outer layer perimeters 2

and oh try some different position an take a look at the previews, cooling can also be an issue.

if the last part are small print runs per layer you should increase cooling, you can change this in the coolingsettings


did you have good results before? How many hours have you printed?


I also print with a creatr leapgrof but I do not have this problem?
these are my settings: ABS, temp: 220°C, extrusion multiplier: 1, layer 2.0mm, first layer width: 100%, infill: 20% , outline overlap 15%

hi Johnsaen

it’s the same object but the final object( behind ) printing with simplify and the other(foreground) I make a slicing and printing with repetier I had the same problem I don’t have cooling system on my creatr

Hi Maarten_dj,

I try your settings


patrick i thought you where running with the simplfy slicer, ther you van adjust your fan speed per layer!

Hi Maarten

do you use fan to print with ABS?

yes, My fanspeed is on 60%

Hi Patrick

try to change temperature down to 220 deg and also I would say could be overhang issue as curves making makeing it over 45 deg

I would split those and print them on sides not like you have done

Let me know if its helps


Adam Malkowski

Hi Maarten

I send you a picture with your settings and the nozzle cooling system (zabana) fan speed 60

I have a question what’s nozzle cooling system do you use (zabana system)