Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has any advice to help me with a problem i am having.

I am currently using a 020D Dws printer and using a 3rd party resin by a company called novux. The part is coming out fine while the cross section is small, however when it thickens up it seems like it is sticking too much to the silicon layer of the resin tank and tears it away from base of the tank. The resin then gets cured on the bottom of the tank ruining it.

I reckon it would be possible to make this resin work but i don’t know what settings i should be looking at to try and reduce the peel-off force especially when its only late in the print that the part fails.

Many thanks


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One big disadvantage of resin printers is exactly that. Printing large surface areas is almost impossible due to the need to pull each layer off of the bed. Try modifying part geometry to make less surface area touching the plate.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the advice. I tried changing the orientation of the part so each cross section was smaller and changed the settings to a slightly lower power/higher scanning speed. And despite these changes i had the same failure with the silicon layer being pull of the bottom of the tank. This is a new 3rd party resin i am using and the only other think i can think could be an issue is the Z-compensation being set too small… Do you think changing this setting could work because if there is little or no chance i think i am going to give up using this resin as i cant afford to keep burning through trays like this.



I do not have experience with 3rd party resins, but you can rotate your model in Nauta to achieve minimal cross section touching tank during print. FWIK it’s the only way. Z compensation is a paramter for maintaining correct (true to design) geometry of prints, I’m not quite sure why it could affect resin sticking to tray.
From my point of view you should contact resin manufacturer and ask for their advice.