Shapes the Game is a dexterity tabletop game.

The STL models are available for anyone to download at

A gameplay video is available at

Wow nice :slight_smile: even the STL model files are free, too bad the cards to play this game costs $ 15,- So I need to spend a lot of cash, to buy several different rolls of bright coloured filament, 5x $15,- for the filament $15,- for the cards Total $90,- !!! more then your average kids board game !?

The idea is pretty cool still. Especially if you have whole bunch of leftover filament :wink:

Yep we are looking to bring down the cost of the cards. We are making about $4 on each deck at the current price, so finding a cheaper source of cards would be nice. I suppose you could get a sampler pack of filament, maybe something like this