Settings for the Deltawasp 4070 when using the Cura slicing software?

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Im at the Machine Settings screen in the Cura software Setup

Hi, i’m a WASP seller in Turin. On my site you can find a guide to setup Delta 20x40 in Cura 15.4.6. You can follow the same instruction, changing the print bed size, that in your case is 400x400x700. The page is here:

I hope that this will help you. Happy pèrinting. Enrico

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Should I really have my printer head settings all zero’d out? That doesn’t seem right.

Hi, the printer head size are used only when you put on the printer bed more than 1 object and you select ‘print one at a time’ from the tools menu from the Cura menu bar. With the delta printers is more or less impossible to print different objects ‘one at a time’ because of the arms, You can of course put more than one object on the printer bed, but you must print them selecting the ‘print all at once’ mode. This mean that the printer print the objects all together layer by layer. So the printer head settings are not useful: if you specify 0 to these parameters Cura don’t permit you to select the ‘print one at a time’ mode.

Happy printing and sunday. Enrico

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Thank you for all your assistance. Everything is working perfectly. Very much appreciated.

It was a pleasure to be able to help.

If you want, place a like to

and visit

Happy printing. Enrico

Hello Cosmo3d !
We have DeltaWasp 3D printer 4070 industrial and we are looking for fine PLA settings in cura.

We tested a lot and still testing this printer. We have problems with stringing and coasting distance. Can you suggest any options for these settings?

At the moment our settings
Retraction distance 10mm
Retraction speed 70mm/s

Coasting volume 0.03mm3
minimum volume before coasting coasting :0.5mm3
Coasting speed 90%.

Please help us, because We can not find good information about this priters settings.