Dear community,

Within the scope of my Bachelor Thesis I am working on SLA or DLP printed injection moulding Tools. Therefore i am mostly working with the Formlabs Form 2.

Yesterday i was reading about the 3rd party universal cartridge for Formlabs Form 2 to print non-Formlabs resins in closed mode. My Question is, if it is also possible to use your own Settings, when you are programming your cartidge because I am using a resin, which needs very little exposure times.

Thanks for your Help!

Unfortunately it is not possible to tweak your own settings.

Formlabs does not want users to use 3rd party resins and that’s why “open mode” is so limited. However, the universal cartridge allows you to use all normal features of the printer.

If your resin is too reactive, it’s worth experimenting with UV Blockers or pigment to slow the curing down.