Hi 3D hubs,

Would it be possible to incorporate a feature to allow for rotations of an uploaded model in the browser. I hate having to download the .stl file and then import it into a slicer software to see the back of the part. Often there are hidden features that impact the print design.

Additionally (though less important), if a feature like this were to be implemented. It would be cool to have the option to draw/annotate a specific view that would be uploaded directly to photos so that we could demonstrate where material could be added to improve the print.




Shouldn’t you be importing it in to your slicer before accepting the order anyway? That way you can see if there is any issues and adjust pricing for support if needed. I take screenshots from the slicer and upload them if I need to point something out in the design


Hey Kirby!

I agree and do the same thing. I agree it’s especially important to check the layers as I find sometimes, particularly when someone has generated a 3D model using SkethUp, that the STL generation leads to some ill defined surfaces. Nothing is more frustrating then slicing a print in Cura in the wrong viewmode and not realizing the layers prescribe a completely different geometery.

However, if this painful scenario sounds familiar I’m sure you can empathize:

1) User submits 3D model.

2) You perform an initial check by clicking on the part images in the order to see what type of daemon you’re dealing with.

3) Parts look alright at first glance. Let’s download.

4) Should I download all parts and have to unzip to a new folder that will get swallowed up in downloads folder hell?

5) Meh, let’s check the part individually. Download. Show in folder

6) Alright let’s drag into slicer. boom. slicing…

7) Well no, i didn’t want it to slice that configuration, let’s rotate it and see which plane we should print from.

8) Hmm, I coudn’t see that the back of this seemingly innocuous part had been designed with the slightest of arcs ever. super aesthetic though…

9) To support or not to support? That is the question… Let’s tell this person to get rid of it.

10) Should I try and a) describe the notion of layer printing requiring support via text b) pass on some great reading material for them to learn on their own c) use pictures to describe where the print needs to be made flat

11) I’ll throw this person a bone and draw them a picture with a brief explanation… Opens paint

12) Yup… flatten here, add it support columns, remove this overhang, cantilevers don’t work…
13) Nice, surely they got that. Let’s wait a couple mins(hrs) for a response.

15) Nope they didn’t get that.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I still would like the feature so that I could immediately evaluate the part for problems in the browser. Just a pain point that could maybe make the UX a bit nicer.

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Hey @Colin_Gallacher, thanks for your suggestion. We have a dedicated channel for users/hubs to submit suggestions or features they would like added to the platform. You can submit your suggestion here and it’ll go straight to our product team!

I can see your point @Colin_Gallacher and it’s something that’d be nice to have but personally (as @keebie81 said), I’m always going to download the model(s) and slice them before accepting an order. I simply can’t see me ever accepting an order based purely upon what’s visible in a browser preview and if I’m going to download anyway, that preview isn’t worth a lot. To be honest, your process makes it sound like a lot of hard work, but it really isn’t; downloading and unzipping to a folder should take all of a minute at most and if you have “download folder hell” that’s something you can solve yourself with a bit of file management…

As I said, I can see your point and certainly wouldn’t complain if it happened, but I’m not sure it should be high on 3DHubs’ to do list.

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