After having a quick discussion with a potential customers who wanted to know how good my work was on Fairphone cases, I wanted to know your point of view concerning this feature.

What if, in the hub view, the customer could filter / sort reviews by criteria?

@Luuk, @Filemon, @sandrako… what do you think?

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I like the idea, but once again it’s channelling orders towards experienced hubs and not really giving new comers a chance.

New hubs will always have to work harder because they only have one fake review. Besides, they could have real orders directly assigned by 3DHubs so they can improve their visibility.

I really think that cutting customer experience for this reason is not really a good choice.


I ask myself the same thing when I browseD the hubbers and I wanted to find one with the best rating score and with a fair enough number of ratIng to validate it.

This would be great !

Hi @GloomySparker,

I think your idea is pretty intrusting: badges could for example appear on the search list. Though, the search list is already organized by rating + distance + numbers of reviews I believe. Pictures on your profile also stand for the quality you can deliver.

The only things I wouldn’t agree on is that Marvin reviews don’t count as ‘fake’ as we rate as real customers, and that we can’t interfere into order distribution: how could we be fair on that ?

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Just an explanation on "fake review"

From my point of view, Marvin review is not a complete review for those three reasons:

  1. the Marvin model is a well known model with no difficulties (which is good to measure hubs, I am ok with that). Marvin is not a PCB board or a very specific order in which the hub owner will need to go deeply and spend much more time on it.
  2. the customer, 3DHubs, will never have the object in their hands
  3. the customer has the habit with 3D printed objects… which is not the case of every customer

I can see your points.

In a way, every order is different I guess. Same holds for Marvin orders on these 3 points. But even orders from ‘real’ customers differ widely on these aspects, therefore I presonally feel printing a Marvin is a very fair way to start your “Hub-life” :slight_smile:

It’s not perfect though, I have to admit

I agree with you: printing a Marvin is a great to start from hub’s point of view and also from 3DHubs’.