Hi all,

I am selling my 3 month old Formlabs Form 2.

The machine is purchased on the 4th of November 2016 in Belgium and comes with original invoice.

It has run about 20 times a 5 hour print on average. I can share that info through the online dashboard if needed.

The reason for selling is that I’m gonna stop printing with resin for now and gonna invest heavily into a small farm of FDM printers.

I was hoping to fetch 3000,- USD for the machine and finishing kit.

Machine is well maintained, pictures available on request.

Shipping worldwide.

Thanks for your interest.



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Hi Pieter,

Where are you based?

We weee thinking about buying more formlabs for our studio.

please get in touch via 3dprint@printhub.london



Can you let pictures of something soon print out of the machine?

Sure, below are 2 pictures of the last prints that came out.

One sculpture and some DJI Mavic Pro stickguards for a friend.

Awesome prints. Plesae contact me at: trint3dprint@gmail.com

Were those prints done in the Formlabs white resin? I’ve been meaning to pick some up, but have hesitated for quite some time. If so, what was your experience like with it?


To be honest, I don’t recommend the white resin if you want to capture a great bunch of detail.

Don’t get me wrong, it prints excellent, but due to shading and reflection you don’t see a great level of detail like you would see on the grey resin. I advise grey resin before white one.



I love the grey resin, it’s definitely my favorite of the aesthetic resins Formlabs offers. Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry it just got sold (RESERVED) to the first responder on the subject.

I changed it in the title.

Thank you for the interest.

still available?