If a customer wants 3D modeling work done in addition to 3D printing, the order system should require the customer to pay for the 3D modeling work and then the 3D printing work separately.

I’ve had several instances where a customer wanted something modeled, but then did not go through with the order because it was too expensive to print the object (even though they had been warned this would be the case). So even thought the modeling work is finished and completed, and I have a 3D model for them, I don’t get paid for it. I also can’t just not make the model until they pay for the order, because then I have no way of quoting how much it will cost to print the model.

I think it makes much more sense to allow the customer to submit one order, but if they want 3D modeling done, they have a two step payment system. The first step would be paying for the 3D model based on the time I quote that it will take, and then I complete and upload the model. Once the model is done, the customer can choose to proceed with 3D printing (and the order would complete as they do now) or can opt to print somewhere else/not print at all - but the model is still paid for. Just my two cents, it just gets frustrating to spend x amount of time on a model, then not get paid as I was expecting to.


Why not create two orders, one for modeling, and one for printing?

That would be fine too, but as far as I know, the customer has to create the order both times then. It’s also not very clear to a customer as to how to do this; for the modeling order, they would have to submit an inquiry because selecting just modeling isn’t currently an option when you use the default Hub search method.

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Hey @Enza3D,

Thanks for your request! We actually have a place for our hubs and/or customers to drop ideas and suggestions for improvements. You can head over here and put in your suggestion for this feature :slight_smile:




Thanks for the link! Never knew this existed!

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Totally agree.

Oh wow. Cannot believe I’m just learning about this.

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Hey Enza 3D,

I’ve had similar trouble with modelling services. I made a post about how you can’t promote your hub from modelling alone. It gets frustrating when you help someone out and they don’t show appreciation or can’t show appreciation for it.

This was my post: https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/thread/modelling-services-going-unnoticed


I have been a 3D Artist for a very long time now freelancing for all sorts of clients and have done countless modelling jobs for small and big companies. The problem is not the client but you in this case. Never start work without an agreement in place. Meaning, give the client an estimate on time/cost. If he is OK with the time/cost factor you need to ask for $25-50% upfront payment before you start work. Give the client regular updates on progress with screenshots, videos etc. This is how I do business and have encountered very little to no issues with my clients. Never do work on good faith but proof that you are willing to work with them on pricing. Lastly, don’t send the client any files unless they have actually paid 100%.

As for estimating costs for 3d printing their models. This can be done by simply giving a cost based on bounding box/volume. If they have an idea of the size (width, height, length) and the material they prefer you can calculate based on that but state that this is an estimate and the final price can be higher/lower.

In other words, 3d modeling and 3d printing are two separate jobs and should be handled as such.

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