Hello all. I need to print a variety of parts for a submersible robot I am building. Most of the parts are <100mmx100mmx100mm and don’t need to be particularly accurate - they are just for mounting components like a compass and computer inside the pressure housing. Some are to hold small optics so the more precise the better.

Finally, it could be useful to print some larger pieces of hydrodynamic fairing but I’m not entirely sure what 3d printable material would be appropriate because it will be submerged for 24hrs and it will have to be 100% fill due to the crushing pressure but that’s another issue…

However, I do not really have the time to tinker or struggle with a steep learning curve. Normally I would be but the project deadline is fairly short. The question I’m trying to answer is: what printer is the closest to a reliable plug-n-play high resolution machine that comes in at under $10,000 (or whatever currency you prefer!)?

I have the STEP files and I have experience of CNC milling on a Haas VF2 so not completely noob but I have zero knowledge of 3d printing so any recommendations welcome. So far I seem to have it narrowed down to Ultimaker S5 and Raise3d Pro Plus but open to anything you could throw out there…

Huge thanks in advance!

Personally I would go for the Ultimaker S5 - it comes with Cura and has slicing profiles for a ton of different materials in the Ultimaker Ecosystem. You won’t be locked in to those materials, but it should be pretty close to plug-and-play.

Good luck!