I can’t find any recent posts on this topic so I think its time for a new one.

I have a reel of 3D Prima that I’m still trying to tune my printer in to but they no longer sell the filament I have and sell something called PrimaSelect PETG instead. Is the PrimaSelect any easier to print with?

Can anybody recommend a brand before I order a new reel. I’d rather not keep experimenting with print settings but, if this is still needed for current PETG filaments, I want to be reasonably confident that the results will be worth the effort.

Price wise anything up to ColorFabb XT would be acceptable.

We use eSun PETG and it’s been pretty flawless. You can find it on Amazon.

Atomic or Hatchbox

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I have used eSun and it is ok. Hatchbox would be one I have but have not tried yet.

I have had good luck with the Inland brand, less than $20.00 per roll

Inland is pretty good for the price. I find others are much stronger. They also have a very limited color selection.

I don’t see that it says where you are. If you are in North America, I would recommend Makergeeks. Direct from the manufacturer, no middle man. They have always done well by me. Great quality and great service.

If you have weeks or, months to wait. Makergeeks is a great choice.

And want to gamble on getting consistent color for a whole spool and that the filament is properly packaged.

It is disappointing. I have had some good filament from them but the issues and inconstancy makes it tough to rely on.

Thanks for all the replies.

I’m in the UK. ESUN PETG is easy enough to find but not the others. There are several European brands but nobody has given a shout out for any of them. I’ve got my 3D Prima filament printing well enough to demonstrate that I will be better off using ABS for most of my work with an occasional need for PETG. That being the case it will be a while before I need to order any more. When I do I’ll give ESUN a try.