Hello, I have a problem with my I3 Mk2 printer. I can’t level my bed very well. In the front I corrected the Z Distance in the calibration to +50 and in the back to -50. But in the front im still too near on the bed and in the back still to far away… How can i fix this

I would get the latest firmware and flash that to start. Then reset everything and do a full XYZ calibration and after that run the V2 calibration to completion to get the live z set. Once set what is the setting you get for Live Z?

After all of that run one of the supplied files such as the Prusa logo to see how it is doing. Adjust Live Z as needed. Pics of the issues would be helpful.

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You should follow the tips wirly bird gave you.

Also I was wondering: -50 and +50 what? micron? so your adjusted Z-distance is 0.050?

I don’t know if it are Microns. In the Firmware under bed Level correct the Range is -50 to +50

Hmm after some digging around fount this thread:

It says these values are relative. Which is not helpfull at all;)

Could you upload a picture showing the distances?

I had this very problem too. Only the other way around. My front was too far down, and my back was too far up. I tried what you did, with adjusting the z axis by + and - 50 but didn’t notice anything. I just ran an xyz calibration a few times and did a few test prints and got it to work. Not really sure what changed but it works now.

This really is only for last resort type of thing to compensate for when you might have a low corner or something.

This is a very small adjustment and is limited. I would leave it alone and first get to where you can get a decent first layer in the center of the bed.

The most common issue with bed leveling problems is the height of the PINDA in relation to the bed.

I did the same today. Rerun XYZ Calibration and now it seems to work.

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Good tot hear! Happy printing

Excellent!! Did you do the V2 also? It needs to be run after a full calibration.

Have you posed this to the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Prusai3users/?ref=br_rs? Lots of people there