Can any one list all the possibilities what can cause the “sequencer timeout 3013:20” error?
which are the most common ones?
Please help me with it.

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What was the printer doing before this error occurred, has the printer been in a constant printing operation or has it been standing for a while?
The error has to do with the connection between the printer and the print heads!

please upload a photo of the heads pogo’s and of the flex cable between the heads and printer

The problem appears sometimes while printing and always when printheads are purged.
The pogo flex cable is brand new. The pogo pins are clean and the springs work properly.
The timing belts are also new. When I replaced the flex cable a was able to purge the heads once.
Now it makes only few strokes and then stops.

In my experience it is a pogo pin issue. Pogo pins are clean and flex cable is new… possibly the pogo card itself might be the problem then.
I have had everything happen to mine and finally it is working. Still I decided to sell it. I am quitting 3d Printing. Good luck!


If your sure the pogo’s are good i would say you problem is with the pogo card or the cable is faulty or there is a connection problem

I’m not familiar with this error - sorry. My z350 had issues along several years ago but it was attributed to 3d system having sold me bad binder, they replaced all of the binder cartridges…no problems since.

I am very interested in any advice gained from this issue because I have had similar issues that I have not been able to get my machine working again.

Hi, I own a 650 which is basically the same machine. My experience is errors on its own do not always communicate the exact problem the machine is facing. The real basis of errors can be a wide variety of problems not corresponding with the exact error code. Reading your own comments, I would say your best bet is to check if all your heads are provided with enough ‘flow’. Maybe there is a clog in some of the lines. Also, the valves inside the white connector tend to wear out and stop functioning. Check in ZMonitor what the temperature of your heads is during purging.

besides the pogo pins connectivity the sequencer error could also be caused by the festoon cable getting old. Before changing it you could try to unplug it from the fast axis side and blow compressed air to the connectors to ensure it’s not only a matter of plaster dirty contacts.

This fixed the same problem to me for several months. Eventually it will have to be replaced


The head temperatures are 75c when purging.
Sometimes the error appears before even purging starts.

My thoughts are the same,
I am waiting for a new festoon cable.
I will write then.

I replaced the festoon cable and the printer is ok now
It prints properly and the purging cycle is also working properly