Hello, I’m looking at upgrading my print surface from the stock buildtak I have. The buildtak seems to really sticks to the print and is a nightmare getting it off, I’ve heard of these “Zebra” beds and was wondering if anyone had experience with them. The other options I have are PEI or just modifying the print settings I have with the buildtak. Any help or suggestions are appreciated! -Quinn

Just so you know, I usually print in PLA but I would like to print a bit of ABS and some other exotic materials

To make sure you know, I more often than not print in PLA however I might want to print a touch of ABS and some other colorful materials…

First thing is not to treat the symptom. If you have adhesion issues, to much or not enough, figure it out!

Depending on the material you may be getting to much squish on the first layer or laying it down to hot.

Most times a new surface is just a different set of issues.

With that said. My personal experience with printinz last fall were dismal. I actually threw them away.

What printer and does it have a heated bed?

I use PEI almost exclusively. On two printers it is on the bed and on a couple others it is on glass.

It has it’s own issues but I have learned them and have consistent results.

I would work on your current setup for a bit before throwing money at it.

What slicer and machine?

I have the Monoprice maker select with a heated bed, I had one for a while and it broke so they got me a replacement, the new bed adheres a little too well so I thought the flexible zebra bed would be nice, I will try moving the bed down a bit and see how that goes, any other advice is appreciated!

I use cura

I don’t use Cura so unfamiliar with it!

I would look at the first layer settings. Also what is the layer height?

Thinner layers will be harder to remove generally.

One thing we do for PETG on PEI, which sticks like crazy, is to wipe down with original Windex. Not sure if that would help though.

I think first layer height and squish is where to start.

Thank you, I will look at that

.2mm layer height, occasionally .1mm

Just for clarification, are you talking about the PRINTinZ flexible build plate or the PRINTinZ skin?

The one that is a different color on each side and maybe an 1/8"+ thick. It had multiple layers or a laminated look.

Yep, that’s the flexible one, thanks.