sometimes my davinci junior 1.0w won’t print in the air like when i try to print an animal its body collapses why

Its hard to offer any real support without pictures. Add a picture to explain the issue


This might be caused by the area being to large to print without support. An other problem occurs when you try to print a part that has no support and is not attached to some other piece (floating in the air ) I would recommend to enable support. For bridging it is also needed to enable the fan at full speed to cool and harden the plastic as fast as possible, if the stock fan is not enough you might want to add a large 120mm fan directing at the part for extreme bridging, just place it besides the printbed and not attached to the head because it is way to heavy and large. It would also help a lot if you add some pictures

Yeah pls add some screenshots.It would make eaiser for us to assist you.Thanks.