Hi everyone,

I am looking dor a printer which will be able to print fine detail but not very tall items namely bases for wargaming miniatures like this: http://warlockstower.com/our-bases/

The largest of these is 115 x 105 mm and it would be nice to be able to do that but not essential most are smaller than 60mm round. I am not made of money and don’t have 100s of hours to dedicate to setup.

Anyone got any recommendations of a good printer?


Prusa i3 mk2 is the bedst for details

Wow thats awesome. What size is the dragon? What do you think of a comparison of a Prusa i3 and its spin offs such as the Wanhao version?

I don’t know how big the dragon is. The original prusa i3 mk2 has auto calibration on all axis and a original e3d v6. It can deliver way better detail than clones. I have a ctc replicator myself and it’s not nearly as good

If you can find a good price, go for a resin printer. That will be very good for detail. Unfortunately they tend to be a bit more expensive than other types.