Hi guys!

You probably have heard about the print+ DIY headphone kits that enable you to print your own (or your customer’s) headphone. We launched on Kickstarter last week with the support from 3D Hubs as launch partner.

We had meant to post on hub talk last week with an update what we have been up to. Unfortunately we couldn’t, because since the launch on 3D Hubs’ event ‘3D printing Today and Tomorrow’ in Amsterdam last week it has been bananas. We will give you some insight in how it has been below.

Apart from doing regular project work for the design studio print+ is the creation of, we have been really busy with everything around the Kickstarter Campaign. In order to get our project ready to launch on Kickstarter during the 3D printing event, we had to pull quite a few all-nighters. With the help from Faberdashery (who supplied about 20 colors of sample material), Ultimaker (who supplied us with 2 extra printers to print all the headphones in a few days), Ken Giang (who took care of photography and helped out with filming the Kickstarter video) and even Kickstarter itself (who we got in direct contact with, to ensure our project would be able to go live at the last minute) we were able to launch. Our website was not ready, social media accounts empty, images for press not Photoshopped and resized, the Kickstarter page was also just halfway done (even international shipping options were not added at the time of launch). So the first few days we had a lot of catching up to do which resulted in a few more long days of work.

It has been 1.5 week since going live and we have finally been able to catch our breath.

In the meantime we’ve been featured on a lot of 3D print media, reached our funding goal within 48 hours, got Staffed Picked by Kickstarter, have reached our first stretch goal of unlocking additional colors, are well underway to reach our second stretch goal, visited the Colorfabb factory to discuss materials, designed a new headphone (to be added to the current designs soon) and answered many, many questions and comments on Kickstarter. It has been a real roller coaster.

Visiting the Colorfabb factory:

We joined the 3D Hubs team at Uprise Festival in Amsterdam. It was a lot of fun - the reactions and interest have been awesome:

Marvin was very happy because he was listening to Justin Bieber all day:

3D Hubs’ Telma and Rogerio and print+’s Alex were enjoying the Bieb as well :slight_smile:

Our guest blog post went online on Ultimaker’s website. Read it here: https://ultimaker.com/en/stories/view/17527-3d-printed-diy-headphones-by-print-

To top of today we’ve been featured on WeTransfer where one of our favourite pictures (taken by Ken Giang) will be on rotation for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign:

At the moment we’re putting together a small PDF brochure to directly contact 3D print stores. For this we have also started concept development on modular store displays that we will send along with our bigger rewards. Here are a few of the sketches of our first ideas of a modular XXL wall display:

We could also use the help of the 3D Hubs community. We have a few open stretch goals that will unlock a larger choice in colors for our components. And if we are able to increase the number of pre-orders it will mean we might be able to get to a higher quality level in production because we can work with larger factories (that have larger minimum order quantities). In order to do that we are looking to get backers for our bigger rewards. We think 3D print stores (and ambitious 3D Hub owners) would be a perfect for the bigger rewards. Print stores could sell the kits and they could print parts as well on their demo machines.

Do you know a local 3D print store where you could see print+ DIY products being part of the inventory? Please let us know in the comments and we will get in contact with the stores starting at the beginning of next week.

Also, you are of course very welcome to back us yourself, there are still early bird rewards available! You can reach our Kickstarter campaign via: www.print.plus For those who already backed us: thank you so much! We will work hard to deliver the DIY kit to you on time - and preferably sooner!




What I like about this project is that it takes desktop printing to the level of making functional objects. I’ve been long looking forward to that moment!


Awsome story looks great to


This is just plain awesome. As a Hub I look forward to do some printing via 3DHubs for local costumers. I really feel this, and other products in the future, are the way to go. To save the energy, space, waste and cost that consumer products deliver. This post and their 3D print store option (that are non existent here in Croatia) , made me think to try and open one. As i said earlier if there would be more products (i can think of @3DRacers, but they are somewhat slow) with same concept in near future it would be amazing to offer them in physical 3D print store.

Keep up this amazing work, I follow you closely. :slight_smile:


backed, good luck with the project. awesome pictures Ken


Hey Guys!

I agree with Brian and I believe that this will be the next step for 3D printing.

Congratulations, You really have a great project!


Great work guys. Can’t wait to see what the final result will be in both the physical stores as well as on Kickstarter!

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Hi print+,

Great work, inspiring from very aspects.

I want to get in touch for your idea of getting support from Hubs. I ll appreciate if you can send a message.


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Very excited, backed several days ago :slight_smile: Also looking for support for a project of mine. Any pieces of advice ?

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I too would like to get in touch for the same reasons. Count me in ! :slight_smile:

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We agree and we’re happy we can contribute to that moment :slight_smile:

Thanks! And the pictures are great indeed, we are very happy with them!

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What we are doing now is just a start, but we are very happy that you see it as the way to go. Would be great if you could bring Croatia the magic of 3D printing (and making products locally :slight_smile: )

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Great to hear, thanks! Could you send an email at hello [at] print.plus? We will be in touch shortly after.

Cool! Could you also send an email to hello [at] print.plus?

Thanks Ken :slight_smile: also for the photographs :slight_smile:

Thanks! Hmm - advice - it depends totally on the nature of your project. Generally speaking; just make sure it works well, looks good and that it fulfils a need. Maybe tell us more about your project if and when you’re sending us an email?

That’s an awesome project! backed the project instantly after learning about it. It brings 3d printing to a whole new level.

Good luck guys!

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Love this project! I had the chance to spend a day with Alex at Uprise and he told a lot about @printplus_diy and we discussed a bit about what the future holds for 3D printing. Great guy! And he let me try those awesome headphones. Justin Bieber was on all day unfortunately, terrible music choice from @Mats_R__Jakobse

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