I’ve had questions around increasing the density - sometimes they are questions about increasing the strength and sometimes its about weight/feel or some other requirement, but the end is the same: the customer desires a more (or less) infill density (and potentially related wall thickness) than the default.

This can be negotiated through the comments, but I would like 3D Hubs to offer a low/med/high/solid density option to all the layer heights. This would alter the layer thickness and infill density of the print and would be immediately reflected in the price quoted to the customer.

For example:

  • Low density: 1mm (2-3 layers) shell and 10% infill
  • Medium density: 1.5mm (3-4 layers) shell and 20% infill
  • High density: 2+mm (min 5 layer shell) and 50% infill
  • Solid: 2+mm shell and 100% infill.
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