Hi everybody.

I have a problem with the extrusor of my prusa I3.

It’s MK8 extrusor but the filament when the extrusor push it, sometimes it sounds like clack clack, and when it sounds, the hotend isn’t extruding. The first extrusor I had was the one’s it comes whit the prusa that didn’t have any system to regulate the pressure of the gear on the filament, so I bought one that has a screw to regulate. But if I grip hard it sound clack and didn’t work, if i grid slow it haven’t got pressure to press filament to hotend. If i grid not hard not slow sometimes work well and sometimes didn’t work

Without pressure screw: LINK

with pressure screw: LINK

any help? thanks

I only have experience with the original extruder on the i3 and now on the MK2. For me the pressure of the 2 screws putting the lever on the filament is enough. Always when I get the rattling sound it means either the extruder is blocked, or more often the filament is not engaged in the tube.

Hi Futurica.

It only happens sometimes, it is extruding and clack happens for about 3 seconds and dissappears, and happens again and dissapears, sometimes on the first layer, others on other layers… I think it is random. And extruder repairs itself. I try pulling the filament out when motor is trying to push filament and clack happen. But I configure to put more temperature (ABS 240) to prevent that filament cooling but it happens again.

One question. Which distance and speed of retraction do you use?

Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

I must say it only happens when loading filament here. I use SLic3r with the new settings from Prusa that are really good. (0.15 mm optimised). never printed ABS. retraction is set for 0.8 mm, 35 mm/s


Hi everybody.

I solved the issue. The problem was that the nozzle had little particles of something inside it (maybe burned ABS/PLA) and ABS couldn’t went out. I take the nozzle, put it inside a bottle of acetone, and every hour I took it and I tried to clean it with a cleaning tool. Now the printer is printing well.


Hi Friend. I think you need both, since one is coupled to the other.
The first link, I think you can not mount it alone, because you have no where to take the nozzle and you need the second link.

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