Hi everyone,
I’m a new italian user, so I apoligize for my english!

I premise that some months ago we I had the “feeder stalled error” and I brought the feeder motor to fix, and from that moment the printer worked, one time a month the error occurred but after 4 reboot it starts again.

Now I have problems with my zprinter 650, that are:

  • always powder seeping out of printer
  • always front/rear overflow in not emptying during printing
  • sometimes it comes out error 3013: SEQUENCER: timed out finishing swath

Before buying new pogo PCB or PC104 (i don’t even know how to understand which one is damaged), I would like to know if someone else had these problems.
I already see a discussion about the sequencer error and I think I’ll try to do what they explained.
Now I need to solve first two problems, I didn’t ask for support because I think that italian support will change everything and ask me a lot of money!

If you have some suggestion I will be very grateful to you!

Kind Regard