Unless my print is very small, the printer (MP maker select mini) will turn off and flicker, after a few minutes it turns its self back on, but it’s in the home screen… I’m not sure why this is happening and I cant print anything a decent size anymore…


This sounds like a shortage or an overheating problem.

Have you looked at the printers main board for shortages? (Maybe black/brownish spots)

If that’s okay, try and measure the temperature of different parts of the board while printing.

Check this for parts like steppermotor drivers and headers.

(Be careful while doing this, try to not touch anything on the board if possible because that could lead to a shortage or you could get zapped)

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These printers are kind of prone to this. Has been traced to bad thermistor and/or heater cartridge wiring and to the board overheating.

There are several YouTube tutorials on fixing these problems.

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Ok, I’ll try both, thanks you guys

Do You have links to any of these videos? Could not seem to locate them and I seem to be having the same issues.

Were you able to get the issue resolved? If so, how? I seem to be having the same issue with mine.

Yes I eventually fixed the printer, i forgot to post about it too, my bad. Turned out it was the power supply, we changed out the power cord/brick and it worked! so i would try that if you haven’t already.

Thanks, will do!

where did u get the new power cord/brick if online could you send a link. thanks

I am having the EXACT same problem with the EXACT same printer. Where did you get the power brick and is it working now? This is so helpful.

So useful information. Thank you for answers.