I bought some black esun petg the filament seems fine on the spool not brittle but all the prints are very brittle. Printing with a qidi x-one with temps at 240 head and 70 bed. Esun recommends 230 - 250 head no heat to 80 on the bed. I’m at my whits end trying to figure this out i’m thinking bad filament. What would cause this and could it be bad filament?

Are you using the fan? I generally print PETG without the fan.

I am printing at 230 on my Flashforge Creator Pro and at 240 on my Prusa MK2. Just seems to be where they like it best.

What is the finish looking like? What does the finish look like? Is it shiny or more of a mat finish? PETG can be brittle when wet.

I have not had a problem with eSun PETG and I use a lot of it. I do remember someone recently had a roll that was problematic but then work fine after they dried it.

Yes, I had a roll of black eSun PETG that was printing fine for me, but I forgot to seal it up for about a week or so. When I tried to print with it it would pop and spit and print was brittle. I dried it in my oven for 5hrs @ 175F and it works fine again.

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